Android Anti-Theft Apps

Here are step-by-step instructions to set up a PIN/password for your Android device.

If you lose your Android device associated with your Google Account, you can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate and factory reset your phone or tablet. The service was pushed to all Android devices running Android 2.2 or above.

AppCostTrack/ LocateLockWipeOther Features
a! CommandsFreeXXX 
Advanced Mobile CareFreeXXXAntivirus software
AegisLab Antivirus PremiumFreeXXXAntivirus software
Alarm Anti Theft Screen LockFree X  
Alarm Security AccelerometerFreeX   
AndroHelm Antivirus Pro$99.90XXXAntivirus software
AndroHelm LifeLicense Antivirus$99.99XXXAntivirus software
Android Device ManagerFree XX  
Android LostFreeXXX 
AntiDroid TheftFreeX  Shows pictures taken from the phone
Anti TheftFreeXCapture photo
Anti Theft & Find My PhoneFreeXXXTake picture remotely
Antitheft Droid SMS - SecurityFree, in-app purchases XX 
AntiTheft by XTPL$6.28XXXBacks up contacts
Anti Theft by Cervinz DevFreeXX  
Anti Theft Free by ComodoFreeXXX 
Anti-Theft GPSFreeX   
Anti Theft + GPS TrackerFreeXX  
Anti Theft Mobile TrackerFreeXXX 
Anti Theft NG$1.08X  
Anti Theft - Total ProtectionFreeXXX 
Anti theft Security alarm pro$0.99 X  
Anti-Theft TrackingFreeXXX 
AntiVirus FREE 2016 – AndroidFree, in-app purchasesXXXAntivirus software
AntiVirus PRO Android Security $11.99, in-app purchasesXXXAntivirus software
AT&T Protect PlusFree to MPP subsXXXBackup and restore contacts, photos, videos
Avast Anti-Theft Free, in-app purchasesXXXRemotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.
AVG Antivirus Free XX X Antivirus software
Beacon - Find My DroidFreeX X 
Bkav Security - Antivirus FreeFreeXXXAntivirus software
BlackBelt Mobile Security$1.99XXXAntivirus software
Cerberus AntitheftFreeXXX 
Classence's don't moveFree X  
CM Security AppLock AntiVirusFree, in-app purchases X Capture photo
CrookCatcher - Anti TheftFree, in-app purchasesX  Capture photo, emails to you
Dr. DetectorFree X  
Dr. Web AntivirusFreeXXX 
Easy Finder & Anti-TheftFree, in-app purchasesXXX 
FCS SIM Checker LITEFreeX   
FaceLock Pro$2.59 X 
Uses face recognition to lock and unlock.
Find: Anti TheftFreeX  SMS to friends
GetBack anti theftFree  Capture photo 
Green AlertFree X  
Guardbot- Anti Theft AlarmFree X  
Hawk- Android Anti TheftFreeXX  
Kaspersky Antivirus & SecurityFree, in-app purchasesXXXAntivirus software.
Linquet Anti Loss & Anti TheftFreeX   
LockItTight for AndroidFreeX  Tracks device and app activity. 
Lookout Security & AntivirusFree, in-app purchasesXX (premium)X (premium)Antivirus and malware protection.
Lost Droid Finder$1.99XXXBlocks outgoing calls
Security & Power Booster - FreeFreeXXXAnti-virus
Mobile Phone TrackerFreeXXX 
Mobile Phone Tracker Pro$1.50XXX 
Mobile Security & Anti TheftFreeXXXAnti-Virus
Mobile Security & AntivirusFree, in-app purchases XAnti-virus, automatic scan 
Mobile Security & AntivirusFree, in-app purchases    
Mobile Security & Antivirus by Trend MicroFreeXXX 
Norton AntivirusFreeXXX 
NQ MobileFree or PremiumXXXProtects against malware
Plan B $1.99 X X X 
PointLockM-Free  X  
Prey Anti-TheftFreeXX  
Safety GuardFreeXXX 
Security Lock Free   Backup and restore 
Seek DroidFreeXXX 
Sprint Family LocatorFreeX   
Sprint Total Equipment Protection AppFree to TEP subsXXXBackup and restore contacts
Total Protection PRO$1.50X   
Virus Seeker Mobile SecurityFreeXX Antivirus software
Verizon Mobile Security PremiumIncluded with Total Mobile Protection at $10/month/deviceXXXAnti-virus, Site Advisor, App Alert
Where's My Droid?FreeX  Sounds alert alarm 
Zoner Antivirus$4.99X  Parental lock

Last Updated November 2016