BlackBerry Anti-Theft Apps

Here are step-by-step instructions to set up a PIN/password for your BlackBerry.

AppCostTrack/ LocateLockWipeOther Features
AntiTheft Alarm$0.99 X Alarm sounds if device is touched or moved
AntiTheft FreeFreeXX  
Anti Theft Security for BlackberryFreeXX Encrypts files
Anti Theft- GPS Phone Tracker$0.99X Sends SMS or email of lost device's location
Anti Theft with Phone Tracer$1.99XX  
Auto Keylock$0.99 X  
Auto Lock$1.99 X  
BlackBerry ProtectFreeXXXWireless backup and restore
Charger AlarmFree   Alarm sounds if charger is disconnected
Cobra Tag$59.95XXXSeparate tracker that attaches to the mobile device
e-GPS$1.99X X 
Find My Phone$0.99   Sounds alarm
Keylocker$0.99 X  
Locatec Locator$1.99XX  
Lock and LocateFreeXX  
Lock Apps$1.99 X  
Mobi Guard$14.99XX  
Mobile LockoutFreeXXX 
Mobile SuperheroFreeXX  
Mobile Theft Security—Anti-theft System$0.99 X Sounds alarm if device is touched or moved
MobiShield Mobile Security$1.99   Antivirus software/protection, data backup, encryption & restore
NQ Mobile Security Pro$12.99XXXAntivirus software, backup & restore contacts
Phone Locate Deluxe$0.99XX  
Phone Locate FreeFreeXX  
Phone Locator for BlackBerry$1.99XX  
Phone Security LiteFreeXX Remote device lock, call/message back option
Phone Tracker Advanced$2.99XX  
Pledge by McAfeeFreeX Makes device an authentication token, protects remote services
Recovery CopFreeX   
Total Equipment ProtectionFreeXXXAlarm; Backup and restore contacts
Trackn ShieldFreeXXX 
Ultimate Remote Lock$0.99 X  
Usher by MicroStrategyFree X Manages and safeguards credentials
Where Is My Phone$1.99X   

Last Updated November 2016