iOS Anti-Theft Apps

Watch for step-by-step instructions to block robocalls on iOS (Apple) devices.

AppCostTrack/ LocateLockWipeOther 
Alarm Lock- Find My Phone$1.99XX  
Alarmomatic$0.99 X  
Anti Theft + Snoop Detection$0.99 X  
Anti-Theft Alarm: Protect Your Device$0.99 X Alarm signal, detects sound, motion and touch
Anti ThiefFreeXX Six protection modes
AT&T ProtectFree to MPP subsX  Only available for AT&T
Avira Mobile SecurityFreeX  Checks whether utilities, like email, have been hacked; remote call to find lost device
Best Phone SecurityFree X Password protect with alarm 
Best Phone Security Pro$0.99 X Passcode and pattern lock screen, different types of alarms
Cobra TagFree, requires Cobra tag hardwareXXSeparate tracker that attaches to the mobile device
Device Locator$2.99XX  
Don't Touch ThisFreeXXSet security code for access to sensitive data, like photos, track intruder’s GPS location
Find My iPhoneFreeXXXSends message to phone, sounds alert alarm
FoneHome$2.99X  Can send messages and take pictures of thief if stolen device; includes alarm options
GadgetTrak  $4.99X  Can take photos of thief if stolen device; restriction on deleting apps
GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad$3.99X   
GPS phone tracker for iPhone and iPad$4.99X   
GPS Thief Tracker$0.99X   
Hidden Anti Theft - Find your missing iPhone or iPadFreeX   
iAntiTheft – Anti Theft Alarm SecurityFree, in-app purchasesX Different modes for when device is moved, picked out of pocket, earbud unplugged, etc.
iDetectorFree X Detects motion from last pickup
iDetector PRO$0.99 X Alarm sounds based on detector mode: motion, pocket or power
iGuard: Anti Theft$0.99 X Alarm sounds when phone is touched
iLocator FreeX   
Lookout- Security, Backup and Missing DeviceFree, in-app purchasesX  Call/message device from another device or PC, automatically backs up contacts
Max Mobile Security$9.99X  Alarm, safe browser, content back up
Motion Alarm HD$1.99XX Motion-triggered with alarm, stealth mode so thief is unaware of tracking
Norton Mobile SecurityFree to Norton Mobile Security subsX  Remote call and locate, alarm options
Prey Anti-TheftFreeX  Remote access device, take pictures, trigger alarm
SecureIT Anti-Theft & SecurityFree, in-app purchasesXXXAntivirus software.
SecureLine VPNFree, in-app purchases   Secures connection, protects passwords & personal data when on public Wi-Fi
Security Alarm$0.99 X Alarm sounds when screen locked and on silent mode
Security Alert Pro$1.99 X Sends device updates to Facebook if alarm tripped from intruder
Security ProFree X Alarm or sirens sounds when device moved from table, out of bag
Security System$0.99 X Sound and motion can set off the alarm.
Sophos Mobile EncryptionFree X Encrypts sensitive data, remote lock and control
Thief Buster$0.99 X Alarm sounds if removed from pocket or bag, multi-touch passcode options
Trend Micro Mobile SecurityFree, in-app purchasesX Guard against identity theft, secures browser, blocks fake websites
XFINITY Constant Guard MobileFree X Secures passwords and credit card numbers, PIN secured

Last Updated November 2016