WHITE PAPER: Licensed Spectrum: Continuing America’s Wireless Leadership

WHITE PAPER: Licensed Spectrum: Continuing America’s Wireless Leadership

March 1, 2017

Spectrum—the invisible airwaves that fuels our mobile life. Freeing up more spectrum for mobile broadband enables the wireless industry to meet consumers’ surging data demands. More spectrum also serves as a powerful accelerant for economic growth and job creation.

Recently, policymakers have taken some critical steps to bring more spectrum to market. But as we move toward a more connected future, it’s clear that more work remains. 5G, the next generation of wireless, will transform entire sectors of the economy, expand the Internet of Things, and enable smart communities. That significant increase in connectivity means more traffic flowing across wireless networks—and that means we need more spectrum.  

Our white paper released today provides a roadmap for policymakers bring more spectrum to wireless consumers. Supported by a rich set of data that illustrate the impact of spectrum on jobs and the economy today as well as going forward, the paper calls for policymakers to:

  • Expedite the incentive auction’s repacking process to provide timely access to this spectrum
  • Accelerate efforts to identify additional Federal spectrum for mobile broadband
  • Provide access to 11 GHz of high-band spectrum and identify additional high-band frequencies, with emphasis on licensed spectrum
  • Ensure that unlicensed spectrum remains a sandbox for wireless innovation for all, including LTE in unlicensed technologies



Licensed Spectrum: The Key to Continuing America’s Wireless Leadership and Growing our Economy [White Paper]

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