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Today, the United States is the global leader in wireless. We’re not resting on our laurels, though. The next-generation of wireless, 5G, will be transformative – making our communities safer and our lives better, and unleashing a powerful stimulus for America’s economy.

5G will instantly connect hospitals with ambulances, help manage water and energy consumption, and alert first-responders in real time. Wireless speeds will be faster, more devices will be connected, and real time applications will be unlocked.

Thanks to a projected $275 billion in wireless industry investment, Accenture predicts that 5G stands to create 3 million new jobs and boost GDP by $500 billion. Deloitte reports that nearly every sector of the economy will leverage tomorrow’s wireless networks to grow and innovate: from energy, where wireless-enabled smart grids could add $1.8 trillion to the economy and save consumers hundreds of dollars annually, to health care, where wireless devices could drive $305 billion in cost savings.

The keys to unlocking the power of 5G are more spectrum and streamlined infrastructure deployment.  That’s why CTIA is working with policymakers at all levels of government – so wireless can invest in our connected future and ensure that U.S. remains the leader in global innovation. 
5G Infographic

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