Americans benefit every day from robust competition throughout the wireless industry.  This competition drives innovation, investment, lower prices and new services. The best part – there is no need for prescriptive government regulation in order to get you your new wireless network, phone, wearable, service or app.

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Remarkably, 4 out of 5 Americans can choose today from four or more 4G providers, and there are more than 100 mobile providers nationwide. No other nation has that.  Consumers can also choose from hundreds of devices, multiple operating systems and millions of apps and services. 

For the U.S. to remain the global leader in 5G and the Internet of Things, we need to avoid government mandates or requirements – from every level of government – that would slow innovation and the development of new services. Our industry is too dynamic for static regulation, and consumers would ultimately lose out. 

Competition drives the wireless industry to invest and innovate to better serve you.

  • More data. Thanks to fast networks and new data options, we consume more mobile data monthly per person than subscribers in almost every other country. That’s not only more video and text, it is also increasingly about your exercise, your education, your car and your energy conservation. 
  • More 4G. A larger percentage of Americans subscribe to 4G networks than in any other global region. This is a key foundation that will help us transition to new 5G offerings
  • More coverage. 99 percent of Americans have access to 4G LTE service. We invest billions every year to improve and expand our reach. To bring connectivity to where all Americans live and work, we added more than a million square miles of coverage to our networks in 2015 alone, including many rural areas.
  • More choice. You can choose from over 1,350 handsets and devices, and we see new innovative phones, wearables and devices every day. You can also choose from more than 700 smartphone plans, and new service offerings from mobile video, free data, and more.The U.S. has more than 100 facilities-based wireless service providers, and U.S.-developed operating systems command 99% of the world's mobile marketshare. 
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