Net Neutrality

America’s wireless industry is committed to an open Internet that offers consumers world-leading mobile broadband networks.
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We’re proud that America’s wireless industry delivers the mobile experience consumers deserve: remarkably fast speeds and nearly ubiquitous coverage as well as more data for less cost than ever before. Wireless investment—over $200 billion this decade alone—has helped create this world-leading mobile ecosystem. 

The key to this success has been offering an open, transparent mobile experience free from interference—so Americans can choose the content and apps they want, when and how they want it. Consumers demand an open internet, and wireless providers deliver it. Because we believe in net neutrality and in the intensely competitive wireless market, meeting the needs of our subscribers is paramount.  

Today, almost every person in America has a mobile phone, and nearly every wireless consumer can choose—and easily switch—between three or more mobile broadband providers. But our nation’s laws governing the Internet were last updated two decades ago. In 1995, fewer than one in six people were mobile voice subscribers, pagers were nearly as popular as cellphones, and high-speed mobile broadband remained years away. 

That’s why Congress should come together and pass bipartisan legislation, which is the best way to enshrine the principles of net neutrality, encourage investment and ensure an open internet continues to work for everyone. That would allow our country’s mobile ecosystem to do what it does best: invest in our wireless future and empower our mobile, connected lives. 

Statement on the Internet Day of Action, July 12, 2017.