Location-Based Services

Threats to data security and privacy evolve every day. America’s wireless industry recognizes that protecting consumer privacy means continually evaluating and updating our best practices and guidelines, as well as providing consumers with the knowledge to protect their data and personal information.
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Policy Topics

The privacy settings of your wireless device’s data can be customized in many ways – through your wireless carrier, device manufacturer and through the apps, services and websites you visit. Privacy policies may vary by mobile app, data may be stored in the cloud on the device and some services let consumers make choices about how their personal data can be collected and used. 

Consumer control of these privacy settings and conditions mean they can customize their mobile device to fit their wireless needs and lifestyle. That’s why CTIA members provide an array of resources and guides to help consumers understand the privacy policies, security features and privacy settings of their wireless devices and services. 

Consumers should take the time to review each app, service and product they use on their mobile devices to understand the range of privacy choices they have and how their data security and privacy will be protected. Because the laws that govern the protection of children online are different, CTIA developed the Growing Wireless website to provide a single portal for up-to-date information to help parents protect their children’s privacy.