Wireless technologies depend on spectrum, the airwaves that enable us to communicate anywhere, anytime. Thanks to forward-thinking spectrum policy over the past 20 years, America leads the world in wireless innovation, services and applications. To remain the global leader in the next-generation of wireless – 5G – and the Internet of Things (IoT), spectrum must remain a clear national priority.

Policy Topics

Consumers’ use of mobile broadband continues to skyrocket, and more spectrum is critical to meeting that demand, as well as creating jobs and growing the economy. Every 10 MHz of new spectrum  made available for wireless service creates over 1.6 million jobs and generates $24.3 billion in GDP growth.

That’s why it is critical for the government and the wireless industry to create a long-term plan to unlock more spectrum. The process of freeing up more spectrum can take a decade or more, so we must act now to develop a spectrum roadmap for years to come. 

Meeting America's demand for everything wireless will require a mix of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum and fostering mobile innovation means we need licensed, exclusive use spectrum – the foundation of today’s wireless networks – as well as unlicensed spectrum.